Sensei Robert Mustard Seminar

Meikyokai Aikido are pleased to announce they will be hosting a two day seminar with Sensei Robert Mustard on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st October 2010. This event will be open to all styles of Aikido regardless of affiliation and anyone interested in ‘aiki’ related arts.

Robert Mustard SenseiMustard Sensei is one of the leading exponents of the Aikido in the world today having trained in Japan for 10 years under Soke Gozo Shioda, Takeno and Chida Sensei’s.

The seminar will be held at the Dartford Judo Club in Dartford, Kent. For more information on this seminar, costs and booking form, please click here.

The course will run from 10:00 – 17:00 on both days with the dojo opening at 09:00. If you have any questions related to this seminar please do not hesitate to contact Meikyokai via e-mail at or via telephone on +44 (0) 7510 309 474.


Session with Neil Saunders Sensei

Last night Gowaryu enjoyed a Yoshinkan flavour with a visit from Meikyokai Aikido club, Bexley.  Neil Saunders (4th Dan) took the class through the following exercises;
  • Kamae
  • Nikajo/nikkyo/kote mawashi
  • Sankajo/sankyo/Tenkai kote hineri
  • Hiji ate/Mae otoshi
  • Kotegaeshi
  • Iriminage
  • Kokyu ho
  • Osae waza
The evening was mainly focused on the importance of good kamae (posture), but while being relaxed.  We liked how resistance from uke made no difference to the techniques, yet there was no discernable pain compliance used in locks.
Many of the techniques were focused on disturbing uke’s balance through the shoulder.
Our thanks again go to Neil Saunders, Dave Clarke, Mark Atkinson, and Rob Cole for coming down.  A thoroughly interesting and enjoyable evening was had by all.

Free training session!

For our first training session at the Clarendon & Westbury Community Community Centre, Genryukan Aikido is holding a free training session for everybody!

We’ll be able to practice in a calm environment free of distractions.
The new venue is:
Clarendon & Westbury Community Centre
Belgrave Road, Dover
CT17 9RA

(click here to find a map of the location)

Beginners are always welcome, at any time!