Robert Mustard Sensei @ Genryukan Aikido

On Tuesday, our little club was honoured to play host to none other
than Robert Mustard Sensei (7th Dan).

Mustard @ Genryukan

We crammed 24 people into the dojo for the 2 hour session. Many of the
participants had not met Mustard Sensei before, and were therefore yet
to experience his incredible aikido talent, and be treated to his
excellent sense of fun and good humour.

Those who had met and trained with Mustard Sensei before were once
again left in awe of his aikido, and with the amazing “aikido
enthusiasm” one experiences after his sessions.

A fantastic evening was had by all who attended. Many thanks to all
of you, and well done for your willingness to adapt to the differences
with Yoshinkan aikido.

We had some club rank promotions to administer, and Mustard Sensei
very kindly presented the new belts and certificates. Congratulations
to Yvette Marshall and Tony Dowling for achieving their 5th Kyu. Very
well deserved.

A massive thank you to Robert Mustard Sensei for the fantastic evening
and to Neil Saunders for arranging the visit. Thanks to Mick Mercer,
Andrew Medland and Mark Atkinson for travelling down for the evening
to train and help coach us.


Mustard Sensei’s club in Canada – Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby


SOTR Success – Thank you!

I would like to say firstly, a massive thank you to our fantastic team of SOTR instructors Ken Broome, Shaun Hoddy, Chris Stamate, Mick Pratt and Jim Dempster.

Thank you to Jim Dempster, Julian Goldsmith, and Castle Community College who let us use their mats for the event. Thank you SAGA for the amazing venue, and for supplying the food and water.

Next I would like to thank those who helped with all the running around collecting and laying mats, moving tables, selling merchandise, cleaning up, entertaining the juniors, and driving duties. To Julian Goldsmith for looking after the activity on the junior mat. Also to my Mum for making the sandwiches, Yvette and Emma for the cakes & ninjabread men, and to all those who helped us in any way during the event. Thank you so much, and much love to you all. We quite simply could not have done it without you.

Our thanks go to Mark Ball for being on hand with his First Aid skills. He did a fantastic job.

Huge thanks to Rob Darling and Julian Goldsmith for the financial support. Absolutely vital.
Thank you Christophe for doing all the design work for the event, and being so flexible when we changed our minds about things (frequently).

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who attended SOTR and made it such an unbelievable success. The figures are not in yet, but we’re really hoping to have made a great contribution to SAGA Charitable Trust (will keep you posted).

Congratulations to all those who graded over the weekend. Very well done to all of you.

Lastly I would like to say thank you to the person behind the decision to organise this year’s Seminar. He provided the ideas, the relaxed attitude, and the incredible ability to haggle for the best deals. An exceptional person, and always genuinely kind and humble, he is well deserving of the credit for SOTR 2011. Nice one Paul Smith.


Good news!

Sport England

We’ve received great news this week as our grant application has been accepted by Sport England ( We just have to complete some paperwork and we should soon get funds to acquire brand new mats!

All thanks to the funds from the National Lottery. 🙂


Sponsored Ukemi

So we did it!

Genryukan Aikido performed their 100 ukemi for SAGA Charitable Trust. A massive thank you to all those who sponsored us. With your help we are helping to provide 2000 villagers in Zambia with a permanent fresh water supply.

Tom, as our resident masochist, decided he would do 200 ukemi. I think after about 130, he started to regret having had the idea. However, he battled on and finished.

Well done to everyone involved.

Lee Whitehall
Phil Eyers
Yvette Marshall
Christophe Courtin
Tony Dowling
Tom Davey

You can still contribute and donate via the team’s sponsor page:


Charity Self Defence Class

We are holding a Self Defence Class on Friday 23rd September 6pm-8pm (the evening before the South of the River Seminar). Cost is a £5 donation to SAGA Charitable Trust. Instruction will be from Jim Dempster.
It is an open event, so all adults of any fitness level are welcome to attend.

The flyer for the event is available for download here.