Club closure in August

This is a reminder that the Genryukan dojo will be closed in August, due to some renovation work taking place at the Clarendon & Westbury Community Centre.

The last training session will be on the 26th July 2010, and we will resume normal practice on 6th September 2010.

In the meantime, other aikido clubs in the area will be open and will welcome you if you wish to train with them. If you need a lift, contact us via the website or our Facebook group, and we can arrange some car-sharing.


ZETAR grading, 10th July 2010

National ZETAR grading at Canvey Island on Saturday 10th July 2010. The results for our friends from Gowaryu Aikido were as follow:

  • Jim Dempster – Sandan
  • Lis Jepsen – Shodan
  • Jon Pieterse – ikkyu
  • Matthew Drinkwater – ikkyu
  • Emma Rutt – nikyu
  • Trevor Orman – nikyu
  • Lloyd Martin – yonkyu
  • Mike DeFroad – yonkyu
  • Kris gooding – shichikyu
  • Jim Arundell – shichikyu
  • Lynn Bracken – shichikyu
  • Liam Bennett – shichikyu

Congratulations to everyone!


Happy Birthday Genryukan!

Genryukan Aikido dojo is now 1 year old!

To be honest, I can’t believe it has been that long already.

I would like to thank everybody who have helped the club to keep going. That goes to the coaches (Phil, Tom & Eoin), and the senseis who have been helping us like Jim Dempster, Shaun Hoddy and also Neil Saunders.

The support from the other clubs is also excellent with regular visits between venues.

A big “thank you” is due to Dover Bushido Judo club who has kindly agreed to let us use their mats so we can have a proper place to train.

But most of all, thank you and well done to all the students who have kept training and working hard. After all, it is not “my club” or the “instructors’ club”, but our club. Keep up the good work guys, there’s still a lot to do and learn (for students and coaches alike).

In order to celebrate, we will have a “club meeting” on Saturday 3rd July 2010. The details are still to be decided, but I’ll let everybody know via Facebook. If you don’t have an account, just contact me and I’ll let you know what’s going on.


Exceptional schedule change

Next week, the Monday session will be moved to the Tuesday 25th May, due to a prior long-standing booking of the hall.

After that, training will resume on Mondays as normal.

We apologise for the inconvenience.