Tandoku Undo

Tandoku Undo means “Individual practise”. In Tomiki/Shodokan aikido this commonly refers to Unsoku (foot movements) and Tegatana Dosa (Hand blade exercises).

At last night’s training, I was asked for some Youtube videos that would be a good reference. After sifting out some poor videos (with mistakes made such as keeping the heel off the ground), I settled on these two videos as good examples.

Unsoku (Sean Flynn)

Tegatana Dosa (Scott Allbright)


Self-Defense using wrist control…

As mentioned yesterday during the lesson, you may want to see how to use your aikido techniques in a real-life situation. Fortunately for you, here is a video of Brett Kaywood’s Self Defence techniques, mainly based on wrist-controls.

Deadly stuff…


Zetar National Grading

Finally got round to editing the video LLoyd took of our grading in December. Sorry it’s so long, I did cut a lot out of it.