The role of meditation in martial arts

“Meditation plays an important part in martial arts across the entire world. It’s often overlooked as the thrill of combat always seems more important, but for who take the time to incorporate some form of stillness and introspection into their path of learning claim it makes their training complete.” …

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Christmas Break

The last training session of this year will be on Monday 21st December.

We will resume training on Monday 4th January 2010 at the Vista Leisure Centre as per usual.

If we don’t see you before then, we wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!


New black belts!

Congratulations to Phil Eyers and Eoin Kerrigan who passed their grading at the ZETAR national examination, earning their Shodan (1st dan).

Congratulations also to Jonathan Pieterse and Matt Drinkwater (from Gowaryu Aikido dojo) for getting their 2nd kyu.

We are all proud of the guys’ achievement.

Finally,  a massive welldone to Greg Barton (Shoshinkan dojo) who received his Godan (5th dan).