Articles from Mokuren Dojo

We have added a link to articles from Mokuren Dojo, an Aikido & Judo club in the USA.

New articles are added on a very regular basis and we feel that they would interest our students.

You can find the links on the left hand side of the site, below the “Categories” section.


Membership and Insurance

We would like to remind the students who have not yet acquired their membership  or have let it expired, that they can download the membership form here, fill it in and return it to one of the instructor.

While we are sorting out a bank account for the club, we regret that we are unable to take cheques yet.

The membership is important as it will allow the students to be graded under ZETAR and also includes their yearly personal insurance.


Genryukan Training session

Here are some pictures taken last monday.

It was very nice to see everybody in Gis, getting in the spirit of aikido.
Despite being composed of only beginners (3rd proper lesson), some really good techniques are already showing through.

Well done guys, please carry on like this!