First training session at our new venue

Genryukan Aikido has started training at the new venue at the Clarendon & Westbury Community Centre.

It has been very successful with an excellent turnout, about 20 people, thanks to the support of Gowaryu, Mushin-no-shin and Katsujinken dojos. Their presence was very appreciated.

The session was mainly geared toward freeplay so we could test-drive those mats properly, and simply to have a bit of fun!

We would like to thanks the Dover Bushido Judo club for letting us use their mats.

Here are some pictures taken during the session:


Free training session!

For our first training session at the Clarendon & Westbury Community Community Centre, Genryukan Aikido is holding a free training session for everybody!

We’ll be able to practice in a calm environment free of distractions.
The new venue is:
Clarendon & Westbury Community Centre
Belgrave Road, Dover
CT17 9RA

(click here to find a map of the location)

Beginners are always welcome, at any time!