Monday 21st May 2012 – Mick Pratt, Randori no kata ura waza

We were very fortunate that Mick Pratt was down last night, and he kindly took the class for a detailed look at the Randori no kata ura waza, kaishi waza or “counters to basic kata” from our syllabus.

Our thanks go to Mick as always for taking the class.

1. Shomen ate/Wakigatame
2. Aigamae ate/Oshi taoshi
3. Gyakugamae ate/Gedan ate
4. Gedan ate/Aigamae ate
5. Ushiro ate/Tenkai kotehineri
6. Oshi taoshi/Oshi taoshi
7. Hiki taoshi/Tenkai kotehineri
8. Kote gaeshi/Kote gaeshi
9. Tenkai kotehineri, Waki gatame
10.Shiho nage/Shiho nage