Genryukan Aikido

About us


Genryukan Aikido is a non-profit martial arts dojo created for the purpose of spreading and maintaining the integrity of the Japanese martial art of Aikido, as exemplified and developed by its Founder, Ueshiba Morihei. The dojo does this by using the teaching and training methods developed by Tomiki Kenji. Aspects from Traditional and Yoshinkan Aikido styles are also explored during the training sessions.

We are located in Dover, Kent (United Kingdom) and train Mondays and Saturdays at the Clarendon & Westbury Community Centre.

Kenji Tomiki

Genryukan is a member of the British Aikido Association, and therefore conform to the high standards set by the association. As a member of this association, the dojo enjoys a great wealth of knowledge and experience. We also have strong links with other local clubs such as Gowaryu Aikido in Ashford.

Aikido can be learned by all, and we have students from very mixed backgrounds, and of all ages and abilities. We aim to create an environment where students can enjoy themselves and progress at their own pace, within their own capabilities and limitations.

We train in a cooperative spirit, where everybody is there to help each other improve themselves, no matter the rank: “Every person that you meet knows something you don’t.”

Genryukan Class

The dojo is totally non-commercial. All fees go toward the running of the dojo, and the instructors receive no payment, preferring to practise and teach for the love of the art. The dojo coaches are Christophe Courtin, Tom Davey, and Tony Dowling. All the coaches are Nationally Qualified, are DBS checked and hold public liability insurance.

Genryukan Aikido students at the dojo’s first anniversary.

Teaching kids
Teaching bigger kids
Family training
Phil and Christian Tissier Shihan
Phil and Robert Mustard Shihan
Christophe at National Competition 2006
Shaun Hoddy Sensei performing Shomen-ate on Christophe