Genryukan Aikido

Where & when

We regret to announce that Genryukan Aikido is closed for the foreseeable future.
You can check the British Aikido Association for other clubs in the area.


Genryukan Aikido is run as a “not for profit” organisation. This means, all revenue received by the dojo is used purely to operate the dojo and to invest in our students’ learning and enjoyment of Aikido.
Genryukan’s team of instructors are all volunteers, giving their time purely for the love of Aikido. What this means is that we can provide excellent value for money to all our members.

The costs are as follow:

  • £6 per session (2 hours).
  • £25 or £35 for your BAA membership/insurance depending on your situation. The BAA membership which will allow you to be graded under the British Aikido Association, and includes your annual insurance cover.

If you decide that Aikido is for you and want to join, you will also need a gi. We can provide you with one (see our equipment page), or you can buy yourself one somewhere else.

We do not operate membership contracts as they are unfair to people whose circumstances (busy lives) mean they cannot always be there at every single session, and very unfair to those who, for whatever reason, stop training but have to continue paying due to being “locked in”. We are not interested in making money from our students. We do not need to “lock people in”. We are confident that the enjoyment and the learning of valuable skills are sufficient to ensure our students attend. Despite our modest income and expenditure, we endeavour to provide our students the best in Aikido coaching, whether it be from our own team of instructors or from the external instructors we are lucky enough to regularly have come and teach at Genryukan dojo.

We do not charge for dojo gradings or new belts, as the students who are awarded them have worked hard and genuinely deserve them. We are most definitely NOT a “McDojo” or “Black Belt Mill”. When you are ready for your next belt, you will most definitely have earned it!

Our pricing structure is intended to be fair and affordable for all.