Genryukan Aikido


Below are various reading materials we would recommend for development of aikido;

General Recommended Aikido & Budo Books

Hidden in Plain Sight by Ellis Amdur An incredible piece of work, this is an absolute must for anyone serious about their aikido. Researching the source of the internal power attributed to Morihei Ueshiba and Sokaku Takeda.

Center: The Power of Aikido. This amazing book is very accessible and very clearly outlines methods of developing “aiki” from students of Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei.
Total Aikido by Shioda Gozo – This book contains the complete Yoshinkan Aikido techniques. This is great book for any student of aikido.

Books Specific to Tomiki Aikido Practice.

“Aikido – The Tomiki Way” by Neil Saunders

Aikido - The Tomiki Way


This book is available from Amazon here

The larger of Neil’s books, with over 1100 photographs, covers the following subjects on Tomiki Aikido;

Introduction to and History of Aikido
Overview of Tomiki Aikido
Discipline & Etiquette
Basic Movements of Tomiki Aikido
Principles of Aikido
Randori No Kata & Randori No Kata Ura Waza
Koryu Dai Ichi
Koryu Dai Ni
Koryu Dai San
Koryu Dai Yon
Koryu Dai Go
Koryu Dai Roku

“Tomiki Aikido” by Neil Saunders.

Tomiki Aikido

This book is available from Amazon here

Neil’s second book Tomiki Aikido, contains over 400 photographs, covering the following;

Tomiki Aikido
Basic Techniques
The Basic 15
Tanto Randori No Kata
Goshin Ho