Genryukan Aikido


Robert Mustard I practice Yoshinkan Aikido but have had the pleasure of teaching in this dojo. Wonderful experience. Phil Eyers sensei is top notch and the students were enthusiastic, hard working and made me feel very welcome.

Joe Thambu – The Genryukan is a very well established and respected dojo. Phil Eyers Sensei is a very open and thoughtful teacher who continually strives to better himself. I see this dojo going from strength to strength.

Howard Popkin — Wonderful dojo with wonderful people. Great training, great atmosphere, and a genuine desire to learn and grow.

Patrick Hughes — I’ve been training at Genryukan Aikido for just under 4 years now. It’s without a doubt one of the best places to train Aikido in Kent. There’s always a friendly atmosphere and the instructors are awesome. If you’re just looking to pick up a martial art, or compliment your current martial art, Genryukan is a great place to start! Highly recommend.

Dave Larkins — Excellent dojo. Highly recommended !!

Mick Pratt — Whenever I’m down in Dover I love to drop in and train with the guys and gals. Great group of people, welcoming, friendly and open.

Mark Ball — I have trained at the Genryukan dojo in Dover for over 5 years now. The club tutors are extremely patient, supportive, and open-minded, who go out of their way to ensure you enjoy the learning experience and gain a deeper level of understanding. The club also hosts awesome seminars with top level teachers/practitioners and has a strong working relationship with the British Aikido Association.

Kieran Doble — Absolutely top notch dojo for people of all levels. Unfortunately, life has got in the way a bit with training for me but coming back and getting back on the mats is my top priority. Can’t rate this place high enough! The sensei are very encouraging and very knowledgeable.

Ben Forrest — You will be well looked after. This is a dojo run by people who care about their art and their students. If you prefer the Tomiki style of Aikido training but also want a wider insight into Aiki and an introduction to teachers from other related arts; go here.

Rich Hobbs — I don’t get across to Dover often, but recommend to anyone who lives in the area or if you’re a budoka passing through to drop in a train with these guys; friendly, warm and welcoming with quality training and instruction available – you cannot go wrong.

Cullen Tillotson — Like many, work commitments in London mean I can’t train often, but when I do train the brilliant, steady, calm leadership makes it always a joy to train.
The guys are good, know their stuff, are gentle with the newbies, but have all the skills you need to move up.

Lee Adams — Warm and welcoming instruction, great personalities.

Roy Atkins — Great club, amazing instructors.

Sam Wills — This is a first class Dojo, The Instructors are friendly. patient and have a diverse set of skills. Their focus is on high effect with minimum effort. I found they helped me massively at a point in my training where I a hit a wall in where I couldn’t disconnect from using muscle even unconsciously. This is the way to take your training whatever level you are. Come with an open mind and you will gain loads

Trevor Orman — Due to work commitments, I only get the opportunity to train with the guys at Dover now and again, but am always made to feel welcome. Great dojo atmosphere where all would be welcome, either to start their martial journey, or those already on their way. Must get down more often.

John Burn — Great Dojo and welcoming knowledgeable instructors.

Geoff Harris — An effective and friendly dojo, ideal for learning and developing a range of insightful Aiki techniques, good times…

Joe Reid — Very friendly bunch of people, able to cater to anyone’s ability level and experiences. One of the few places you can find yourself upside-down flying through the air with a smile on your face.