Summer Holiday Closure

Please note that the dojo will be closed at the end of August. The last training session will be Monday 15th August and we’ll start again on Saturday 3rd September.

Always remember to wear sunscreen.


Genryukan Aikido is 7!


It seems just like yesterday when we started with the support of Gowaryu Aikido, trying to get over the impostor syndrome and hope the club will take.

We’ve had a lot of students come and go. We had different venues, different associations and many guest instructors in various styles. All this allowed us all, instructors and students alike, to learn, evolve and grow in our aikido practice.

Our techniques and teaching methods may have change in time, but the constant through all the years have been a willingness to learn more and have fun whilst doing so.

I hope we will carry on for many more years with the same thirst for knowledge, open-mindedness and fun.

The success of the club is a collective effort, so I would like to take the opportunity to thank James Dempster, Phil Eyers, Tom Davey, Tony Dowling, Eoin Kerrigan, Paul Smith, and all of the other instructors & students that walked through the club door.

So if you come along next Saturday, there is a strong possibility that there will be cake…