Genryukan Aikido

Learn Aikido

Learn a non-aggressive martial art. Aikido is suitable for everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness.
Train in a safe, friendly environment and learn at your own pace. Improve your fitness, coordination and confidence.
Training every Mondays and Saturdays (junior/family class on Saturdays)


Christmas break.


Genryukan Aikido will be closed over Christmas and New Year.
The last session of the year will be Monday 19th December 2016.
Training will resume Saturday 7th January 2017.


Short break

Please note that there will be NO TRAINING NEXT WEEK, Monday 24th and Saturday 29th October 2016 (training will resume as per normal on the 31th October).
On those dates, the hall will be used for fundraising activities for Kelly Turner. If you also want to help, you can donate here: