Genryukan Aikido

Kids training

kidsAikido is a particularly good discipline for children. The training will help develop many life skills such as physical coordination, balance and timing coupled with a calm and controlled attitude.

The difference in Aikido from other martial arts is that it is strictly defensive; therefore, your child can learn how to be effective and safe in hostile situations without having to resort to violence as a reaction.

Children mimic what they learn. If you teach your child how to punch and kick, he or she will want to punch and kick. If you teach your child how to be more relaxed and confident in a difficult encounter, fear and animosity become less important and less automatic in the moment.

Clear thinking and instinctive, precise action replace violence as a response. This is the kind of training on the mat that becomes a wonderful lesson for dealing with all of life’s problems that your child will face as he or she grows up.
Much of Aikido training takes place with a partner, this teaches a child how to interact with others, building social skills. A valuable lesson for life.

Aikido classes are taught in a safe controlled environment with well thought out training methods. The classes are comprised of warm-up exercises, basic movements that form the building blocks of Aikido, more advanced techniques, and some more playful exercises meant to enrich the Life skills already beginning to develop.

Junior sessions are every Saturdays, from 10 to 11am, and the first session is free (Normal cost is £3 per session). Minimum age is 8 years old.

The mat is shared with adults, so parents can give it a try too!

All of the coaches are Nationally Qualified to teach Aikido, hold public liability insurance and are DBS checked.