Welcome to Genryukan Aikido

Genryukan Aikido is a non-profit martial art club established in 2009 in Dover, Kent, member of the British Aikido Association.
We aim  to create an environment where students can enjoy themselves and progress at their own pace, within their own capabilities and limitations.

Aikido is a non-aggressive martial art that can be learned by all.
We have students from very mixed backgrounds, and of all ages and abilities.

Grading night - 2013

Try Aikido FREE!

  • Learn a non-aggressive martial art, suitable for everyone.
  • Train in a safe, friendly environment and learn at your own pace.
  • Improve your fitness, coordination and confidence.
  • The first session is free so you can give our martial art a try,  with no obligations!

Beginners are always welcome!

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Genryukan Aikido is 7!


It seems just like yesterday when we started with the support of Gowaryu Aikido, trying to get over the impostor syndrome and hope the club will take.

We’ve had a lot of students come and go. We had different venues, different associations and many guest instructors in various styles. All this allowed us all, instructors and students alike, to learn, evolve and grow in our aikido practice. Continue reading “Genryukan Aikido is 7!” »

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Family Session pictures

A big thank you to Kaylina Photography for those pictures.
You can view the full set of images on our Facebook group’s album.

13267901_10209921013530233_227344759286166094_n 13094270_10209921196894817_3776185443047763421_n 13164478_10209921201814940_6911219691635699147_n (1) 13217429_10209921182574459_1355608503368962938_o 13221474_10209921200454906_3337102951026381470_n 13226699_10209921226895567_6108032847355627637_n 13226752_10209921191894692_2068121493940626374_n 13226902_10209921196974819_3975944839045713841_n 13226931_10209921200894917_8716916929315490768_n Continue reading “Family Session pictures” »

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New grades

Congratulations to Tany Wert, Alex Jowett and Nicola Hughes for earning their yellow belt.

Excellent work, keep it up. 🙂

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