Back to the dojo

We’re back to the dojo!….. carefully.

We will resume Monday training sessions, but obviously, there will be no contact training unless you’re part of a social bubble. I’ve just done a risk assessment and I would need everybody to sign it on arrival (or you can print it and sign it, ready to hand in):

Be sure to bring your own drinks (ideally alcohol-free), bring weapons if you have any (not firearms please), keep your distance (mai ai) and wear a mask. No mask, no training. Just pretend to be a ninja if it makes you feel better (I know I will).

I’ll be there at around 7pm, help with the mats would be appreciated as there’s extra cleaning. Also for that reason, the session will be 90 minutes so we have more time to clean and put the mats away.

So the training session will be from 7:30pm until 9pm.
(Unfortunately, no beginners as we’re still working things out)

See you all Monday.