Brain, not brawn.

Brain not brawn

Learn a non-aggressive martial art, suitable for everyone.
Train in a safe, friendly environment and learn at your own pace.
Improve your fitness, coordination and confidence.

Mondays 7:30pm – 9:30pm (Adults only)
Saturdays: 11pm – 1pm (Junior/Family/Adults)



Step out of your comfort zone!

Learn a non-aggressive martial art, suitable for everyone.
Train in a safe, friendly environment and learn at your own pace.
Improve your fitness, coordination and confidence.

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BAA South of the River Seminar 2014


On behalf of the British Aikido Association, Genryukan are honoured to be hosting this year’s South of the River Seminar.

September 20th & 21st 2014
Hawkinge Community Centre, nr Folkestone
Instructors Ken Broome, Bob Jones, John Burn, Shaun Hoddy & Simon Fraser
Open to members and non-members alike.
National Dan grading on Saturday.

For full details see the SOTR 2014 event page on the BAA Website.



Excellent training session last week, nice to have a busy mat with keen students.
Keep up the hard work!


Robert Mustard & Toby Threadgill Seminar

Our great friends Meikyokai Aikido are once again holding this prestigious open seminar with Toby Threadgill and Robert Mustard in 2013.   2012’s event was absolutely fantastic, quite simply one of the best seminars I have ever been to,  and I will not miss it this year.

The idea of two budo masters from entirely different martial arts, teaching together on the mat seems like it might not work. On the contrary, the chemistry and common ground found throughout worked incredibly well and I think most participants felt the event was even more special because of it.

Meikyokai Aikido
Presents an open seminar with
Toby Threadgill & Robert Mustard
Dartford Judo Club, Kent on 14th September & 15th September 2013.

Sat & Sun £100
One Day (Saturday) £50
One Day (Sunday) £50

Robert Mustard Sensei
(7th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido Shihan)

Robert Mustard Sensei
About Robert Mustard Sensei
Robert Mustard began his Yoshinkan Aikido training
under Kimeda Takeshi Sensei (9th Dan) over 30 years ago
having previously studied kung fu and Kendo. After
achieving the level of Sandan he left Toronto to study
at the Yoshinkan Aikido Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. In 1987,
Mustard Sensei completed the intense 9 month
“Senshusei” training course which is mandatory for the
Tokyo Riot Police and Honbu Dojo instructors.
For close to 10 years he trained as a student of Soke Shioda Gozo, founder of
Yoshinkan Aikido, Takeno Takafumi Sensei, 9th Dan; and Chida Tsutomu, 8th Dan. In
1991 Mustard Sensei was appointed Itaku Shidoin by Shoida Kancho and remained the
Chief Foreign Instructor at the Yoshinkan Honbu Dojo until he moved back to Canada in
In September 2011, Mustard Sensei was awarded a Shihan licence by Shioda Kancho.
Today, Mustard Sensei teaches full-time at his dojo in Vancouver and at clinics and
seminars around the world. He is considered to be one of the foremost exponents of
Aikido in the world today.
More information about Robert Mustard Sensei can be found here

Toby Threadgill
(Menkyo Kaiden Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin-ryu)

About Toby Threadgill Sensei
Toby Threadgill began his martial arts training in 1978 in Santa
Barbara where he studied western fencing under USN Capt.
Hart Kait. He has since trained extensively in Wado-ryu
karate, muay thai boxing, jujutsu, aikijujutsu and Jeet Kune do.
In 1985 Toby Threadgill initiated training under Takamura
Yukiyoshi, headmaster Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin ryu. In
1992 he founded the Soryushin Dojo and in 1994 was appointed
a branch director of the Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin Kai. In
1999, he was one of three people to be awarded a menkyo
kaiden in Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin-ryu.
Following the passing of Takamura Yukiyoshi in 2000, he was
asked by the other TSYR branch directors to accept the position of administrative
head (kaicho) of the Takamura-ha Shindo Yoshin Kai. He currently oversees instruction
at the Shindo Yoshin Kai Hombu Dojo and maintains a busy international teaching
More information about Toby Threadgill Sensei can be found here

The booking form for the event can be downloaded here

2012 Group Photo
Mustard performs Shiho nage kuzushi on Phil