28th June session – anniversary session

Quick warmup followed by
Ukemi practice
Tandoku Undo; Unsoku & Tegatana Dosa

Gohon-no-kuzushi for white and yellow belts

Randori-no-kata & kaeshi-kata for green belts

It was also our first anniversary session, so cake was on the menu.
Again, a big thank you to all the people (students and instructors) who have been supporting us so far.

Happy Birthday Genryukan!
Genryukan Aikido Dojo
Genryukan Instructors

Christmas party!

In conjonction with Gowaryu Aikido and other local clubs to be confirmed, members of Genryukan Aikido are invited for a Christmas party in Folkestone.

It will be held in Folkestone, on Saturday 5th Dcember 2009.
We’ll meet for a drink between 7 and 8pm, then we’ll make our way toward a chinese restaurant, followed by more beverages to wash it all down.

For more details about the evening, simply ask an instructor or contact me by email.

If you think you will attend please let us know so we can book an adequate table at the restaurant.