Robert Mustard Seminar

Robert Mustard Seminar

This weekend, Meikyokai Aikido Club hosted a Seminar with Robert Mustard Sensei (7th Dan Yoshinkan). Then Event was held at Dartford Judo centre.
Lloyd and I went up to train on the Sunday.

We were lucky enough to receive a few techniques directly from Mustard Sensei himself. The sheer power of them was unbelievable.
We were totally blown away by Mustard Sensei’s aikido which is absolutely effortless.

Anyone who has read Robert Twigger’s book Angry White Pyjamas will be very surprised to hear that Sensei Mustard is really friendly and helpful with a great sense of humour.

We had a thoroughly enjoyable seminar. I have to say that the facilities at the Dartford Judo Centre were excellent. The sunken mats over sprung flooring were just fantastic to train on.

Thanks again to Neil Saunders for arranging the seminar, and for taking time out of the lunch break to give me advice.

Phil with Robert Mustard Sensei
Phil and Robert Mustard Sensei


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