Yoshinkan session with Neil Saunders Sensei

Yoshinkan session with Neil Saunders Sensei

Genryukan Aikido ran a Yoshinkan session thanks to Neil Saunders Sensei and his students from Meikyokai aikido club, Bexley, who visited us yesterday.

Neil Saunders Sensei (4th Dan) took the class through the following exercises;

Nikajo/nikkyo/kote mawashi
Sankajo/sankyo/Tenkai kote hineri
Hiji ate/Mae otoshi
Osae waza

The focus was on good kamae (posture), making tori strong yet relax.  This allows tori to apply techniques easily no matter how strongly uke resists, but with no discernable pain compliance used in locks. Many of the techniques were focused on disturbing uke’s balance through the shoulder.

Our thanks again go to Neil Saunders, Ian Moody, Mark Atkinson, and Rob Cole for their visit. It was a very interesting and enjoyable evening, enjoyed by all.


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