Get well soon Christophe

Get well soon Christophe

As you may or may not know, on Sunday Christophe received a very significant leg injury – dislocation and double fracture to the ankle, plus fractured leg (tibia).

The amusing thing (sorry Chris), is that it wasn’t received doing his various budo activities of Aikido & Kung fu. No, he slipped over while walking his dog.

I just went to visit the old fella in William Harvey Hospital (Ward Kings C2).

He is bearing up well, waiting for the swelling in his leg to abate before they operate and pin his leg back together.   The Nurse tells me he hasn’t stopped eating, and that he is now an honorary Anglaise, to which I of course replied “NEVER!”. As you can see, he flies the flag of aikido, still sporting a Genryukan t-shirt.

We of course wish him our very best, and hope he doesn’t get too bored during his recovery.


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