Final training of 2010 – Self Defence

Final training of 2010 – Self Defence

Last night was the final night’s training at Genryukan Dojo for 2010.   Genryukan students had the pleasure of a Goshin Waza (Self Defence) class from Jim Dempster Sensei.

Jim covered the legal ramifications and scope of using reasonable force to defend/protect one’s self and others,  plus effective techniques for control and restraint.

Despite the massive amount of snow falling in Dover before, during and after training, Genryukan students managed to make it up the hill to the dojo (albeit on foot).

In his first appearance in the dojo since his accident, Christophe attended in his wheelchair (which was fun pushing up the hill through the snow).

A great night’s training was had by everyone.  We finished the night with a presentation of gifts to Jim.  As Christophe, Phil, Tom and Eoin’s Sensei, without Jim there would be no Genryukan Aikido.  Our thanks go to him for his continued support of our club.

Photos from the evening can be seen in the gallery

The evening was concluded with everyone wheeling Christophe down the hill while Phil dug his car out.   The night’s “Aikido Spirit” award goes to Lloyd Martin for pushing Chris back to his place in his wheelchair through 4 inches of snow.

We start back training with renewed vigour, on Monday 3rd January 2011.  We hope to see you all for the traditional January warm ups.

All that is left to do is to wish our students, coaches and friends,  a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Gallery link – Self Defence with Jim Dempster Sensei


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