(Repost) Free e-book: Surviving a Traditional Dojo

(Repost) Free e-book: Surviving a Traditional Dojo

It is very interesting for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, no matter what martial art you are learning:

“The dojo can be a perplexing place. Everything is different – the clothes, the atmosphere, the terminology, the etiquette…it truly is a whole different culture. Why then are we expected to jump in without any knowledge of what to expect? Even experienced students get tripped up by the intricacies of the martial arts.

Every dojo has its own way of operating, but over the years I have found certain foundational concepts that lead practitioners to success and longevity in their training. I have also noticed some very common pitfalls that trap students in ways they never saw coming. It is my goal with this ebook to give students of all ages and ranks a deeper understanding of how to prosper in their chosen art.”
Surviving a Traditional Dojo

Download the complete Ebook for free at:
The Student Guide to Surviving a Traditional Dojo by Matthew Apsokardu


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