Robert Mustard Sensei @ Genryukan Aikido

Robert Mustard Sensei @ Genryukan Aikido

On Tuesday, our little club was honoured to play host to none other
than Robert Mustard Sensei (7th Dan).

Mustard @ Genryukan

We crammed 24 people into the dojo for the 2 hour session. Many of the
participants had not met Mustard Sensei before, and were therefore yet
to experience his incredible aikido talent, and be treated to his
excellent sense of fun and good humour.

Those who had met and trained with Mustard Sensei before were once
again left in awe of his aikido, and with the amazing “aikido
enthusiasm” one experiences after his sessions.

A fantastic evening was had by all who attended. Many thanks to all
of you, and well done for your willingness to adapt to the differences
with Yoshinkan aikido.

We had some club rank promotions to administer, and Mustard Sensei
very kindly presented the new belts and certificates. Congratulations
to Yvette Marshall and Tony Dowling for achieving their 5th Kyu. Very
well deserved.

A massive thank you to Robert Mustard Sensei for the fantastic evening
and to Neil Saunders for arranging the visit. Thanks to Mick Mercer,
Andrew Medland and Mark Atkinson for travelling down for the evening
to train and help coach us.


Mustard Sensei’s club in Canada – Aikido Yoshinkai Burnaby


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