Seminar: Robert Mustard Sensei & Toby Threadgill Sensei

Our good friends at Meikyokai Aikido will be holding a two day seminar with
Robert Mustard and Toby Threadgill this September. These two
undoubted masters of Japanese martial arts need no introduction and for the first time
ever they will be holding a joint seminar.

Please find below an overview of the seminar dates, venue and costs:

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th September 2012 at Dartford Judo Centre.

Click here to open event poster

If you require more information please do not hesitate to contact us at


Takeno Takafumi: Sharp, Fast, Powerful and Very Scary

Article on by Robert Mustard Shihan:

Robert Mustard Shihan“Takeno sensei was the head instructor when I arrived in Japan. He was sharp, fast, powerful, and very scary. He was also the greatest teacher I have ever had the good fortune to learn from. He started using me for uke from almost the first day I lived in the dojo, and this is what it was like. One day in an afternoon practice, only David Rubens and I were the only ones practicing, and Takeno sensei came over to us and said, ” What do you want to do? ” We both just looked at him. He said, “Let’s do dai ichi kihon, which is the first group of basic techniques in the Yoshinkan syllabus. I have never forgotten that class all these years later. Takeno sensei destroyed us. I have never felt such uncompromising power in any technique EVER! He creamed me in every possible way, almost knocking me out with Ikkyo!!!  Read more here >>


Mick Pratt @ Shogun Aikido, Herne Bay

last night I went over to Shogun Aikido in Herne Bay with Mick, who had been invited to teach the Goshin Ho.
A great night training was had, and as usual the instruction was top knotch.
They have a great facility up there. Thank you to Lee Adams for the kind invitation.


Monday 12th March

We were lucky enough to have Mick Pratt pay us a visit last night. A very entertaining evening was had by all. Thanks to Mick for a great session.

Mick Pratt 4th Dan


BAB Aikido Times

Here is the latest edition of the BAB Aikido times for download.

This issue has a piece about this year’s Mustard Sensei UK tour and even mentions us. Also in there are Adam and Les from Shaun’s dojo at the World Championships.