Satoru Tsuchiya Sensei at the BAA Winter school in Herne Bay

Satoru Tsuchiya Sensei 6 Dan, from Shodokan Aikido France will be teaching at this year’s BAA Winter School.
Tsuchiya Sensei is well known to BAA members in the South and is a very popular and accessible teacher. Also teaching this year will be Shaun Hoddy 6 Dan, Vanda Fairchild 5 Dan, Paul Wildish 6 Dan & Bob Jones 7 Dan.

This year’s school will be held at a new venue in Herne Bay.
Look for more news shortly on the BAA website and in the soon to be published Shizentai 2.



Ukemi Practice

Unfortunately Lee cannot attend the sponsored ukemi event with everyone else next week, so he said he would do it early. He knocked out the 100 flips in just under 12 minutes. Video evidence provided below (sped up thankfully). Well done Lee, very impressive.


Christian Tissier Shihan – Dartford Seminar Video

Genryukan attended the Tissier Shihan Seminar in Dartford at the weekend. I managed to get a little footage, and have haphazardly thrown it all together in the hope it is watch-able.

It was a very well attended seminar, I would estimated there were approx 100 people on the mat. Tissier Shihan was on top form, and as usual very charismatic.

Thanks to Brighton Aikikai for arranging the seminar.

Christian Tissier Shihan