18th October lesson, beginners class

Recap of last night session:

Warmup & stretches

Unsoku & Tegatana dosa

The first 3 of Go hon no Kuzushi (Five Balance Breaking techniques)
Those are the main balance breaking techniques found in the Randori No Kata
Oshi Taoshi (tech. no 6)
Hiki Taoshi (tech. no 8 )
Waki Gatame (tech. no 10)
Shiho Nage (tech. no 14)
Sumi Otoshi  (tech. no 16)

White Belts:
Sutdy of Tegatana Dosa, sections 1 to 3
Unsoku and Tegatana Dosa need to be practiced at home in order to make significant progress.
For reference, students can look at the video posted here:

Yellow Belts:
Randori No Kata, techniques 1 to 4
We have an excellent reference video from Shaun Hoddy Sensei: