Saturday training

Good news!

We will restart Saturday sessions on 2 March. The sessions will initially take place on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. Training time will be from 10am to midday and will be the usual price. (Adults only)


Genryukan Club grading

Yesterday 6th August 2012, Genryukan held a local kyu grading.  The judging panel were Jim Dempster, Christophe Courtin and Phil Eyers. Congratulations to the following Genryukan students who successfully graded under the BAA syllabus.  Very well done.

6th Kyu – White Belt
Georges Lejeune
Darren Jarvis
Patrick Hughes

2nd Kyu – Blue Belt
Tony Dowling
Yvette Marshall


18th October lesson, beginners class

Recap of last night session:

Warmup & stretches

Unsoku & Tegatana dosa

The first 3 of Go hon no Kuzushi (Five Balance Breaking techniques)
Those are the main balance breaking techniques found in the Randori No Kata
Oshi Taoshi (tech. no 6)
Hiki Taoshi (tech. no 8 )
Waki Gatame (tech. no 10)
Shiho Nage (tech. no 14)
Sumi Otoshi  (tech. no 16)

White Belts:
Sutdy of Tegatana Dosa, sections 1 to 3
Unsoku and Tegatana Dosa need to be practiced at home in order to make significant progress.
For reference, students can look at the video posted here:

Yellow Belts:
Randori No Kata, techniques 1 to 4
We have an excellent reference video from Shaun Hoddy Sensei: