Neil Saunders’ Books & DVD on sale

Neil Saunders’ Books & DVD on sale

Genryukan are proud to be the UK’s official seller of Neil Saunders’ books on Tomiki Aikido.

1. Aikido – The Tomiki Way – £20 (signed by the author)

Aikido - The Tomiki Way


The larger of Neil’s books, with over 1100 photographs, covers the following subjects on Tomiki Aikido;

Introduction to and History of Aikido
Overview of Tomiki Aikido
Discipline & Etiquette
Basic Movements of Tomiki Aikido
Principles of Aikido
Randori No Kata & Randori No Kata Ura Waza
Koryu Dai Ichi
Koryu Dai Ni
Koryu Dai San
Koryu Dai Yon
Koryu Dai Go
Koryu Dai Roku

2. Tomiki Aikido – £12.50 (signed by the author)

Tomiki Aikido

Neil’s second book Tomiki Aikido, contains over 400 photographs, covering the following;

Tomiki Aikido
Basic Techniques
The Basic 15
Tanto Randori No Kata
Goshin Ho

3. Koryu Dai San DVD – £17.50 (signed by the author)

Koryu Dai San

Neil’s DVD covers in detail all 50 techniques of the Koryu Dai San, also known as the Koryu Goshin No Kata. Also covered are sections on ukemi and weapons etiquette. As an additional bonus, the first 19 techniques of the Goshin Ho are included.

To order one of the books or the DVD, please use the “contact us” page on our website for a very fast response. We are happy to accept paypal payments.


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