Monday Training – Shaun Hoddy Sensei

Monday Training – Shaun Hoddy Sensei

Last night, Genryukan Dojo had the pleasure of training with Shaun Hoddy Sensei (6th Dan ZETAR).
Shaun Hoddy Sensei

Shaun took the class through the following;


Randori No Kata;
Shomen ate,
Aigamae ate

Goshin Ho;
Jodan no kuzushi aigamae ushiro ate
Jodan no kuzushi gyakugamae ushiro ate
Gedan no kuzushi aigamae kotegaeshi
Gedan no kuzushi gyakugamae kotegaeshi
Koho no kuzushi ryote oshitaoshi
Koho no kuzushi ryote ushiro ate

Tanto Kakarigeiko & Hikitategeiko

Shaun also presented Jim with Sandan, and Lis with Shodan menjo certificates.

Photos from last night can be viewed in the our gallery

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the session.  Our many thanks go to Shaun for driving down from Essex to take the class.


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