Successful grading

Congratulations to Ben Murphy, Ian Crumbie and James Spencer who all became yellow belts yesterday.

Well done guys!

Christophe, Ian, Ben, James, Eoin & Phil
Christophe, Ian, Ben, James, Eoin & Phil

Here are a few pics taken during the training session:


Membership and Insurance

We would like to remind the students who have not yet acquired their membership  or have let it expired, that they can download the membership form here, fill it in and return it to one of the instructor.

While we are sorting out a bank account for the club, we regret that we are unable to take cheques yet.

The membership is important as it will allow the students to be graded under ZETAR and also includes their yearly personal insurance.


Equipment available from the club

We are pleased to inform the members of Genryukan that it is now possible to order equipment directly from us.

You can check our price list at our equipment page.

It is not a requirement to buy from us, it is just a service we offer. All items are from Blitz sport, and we get them discounted so you won’t get it cheaper if you buy from them direct.

If you wish to order, just ask one of the coach, indicating us which item and what size you need.


First night is a success!

The first training session at Genryukan Aikido proved to be a great success.
Despite some initial teething problems with the venue, the lesson went smoothly thanks to the support of the student from Gowaryu & Katsujinken Aikido.

The feedback from the beginners was excellent and this session was an great start for the club!

Thanks to all the students who came to support us tonight, and well done to all the beginners who performed extremely well.