18th October lesson, beginners class

Recap of last night session:

Warmup & stretches

Unsoku & Tegatana dosa

The first 3 of Go hon no Kuzushi (Five Balance Breaking techniques)
Those are the main balance breaking techniques found in the Randori No Kata
Oshi Taoshi (tech. no 6)
Hiki Taoshi (tech. no 8 )
Waki Gatame (tech. no 10)
Shiho Nage (tech. no 14)
Sumi Otoshi  (tech. no 16)

White Belts:
Sutdy of Tegatana Dosa, sections 1 to 3
Unsoku and Tegatana Dosa need to be practiced at home in order to make significant progress.
For reference, students can look at the video posted here:

Yellow Belts:
Randori No Kata, techniques 1 to 4
We have an excellent reference video from Shaun Hoddy Sensei:


Neil Saunders Session

This Saturday Neil Saunders Sensei took the class for the afternoon at Genryukan dojo.

Neil and JonEoin & EmmaNeil, Jon & Rob

Training covered;
Shomen uchi ikkajo osae ichi

We had a good turnout, and a thoroughly enjoyable session was had by all. I think Jon especially enjoyed himself ūüėČ

Photos from the session can be seen in the gallery.

Our thanks go to Neil Saunders, Dave Clarke, Mark Atkinson, Rob Cole and Jimmy Tan for coming down for the day. We’ll see you all soon at the Mustard Sensei seminar.


Rising Dawn Seminar

The Tallaght Tomiki Aikido Ryu will be hosting a Seminar on the 18th & 19th September 2010 in the Tallaght Leisure Centre, Fortunestown Way, Tallaght, Dublin 24.

Sensei Shaun Hoddy 6th Dan Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei,Aikido Development Society/BAB, 5th Dan  European Aikido Association/ JAA, 1st Dan Tai-Ho-Jutsu will be instructing over the two days.

The seminar will be focusing on the Koryu Dai Yon mainly, but i have no doubt we will be trying a few other ideas over the course of the two days. The training times are as follows;

Saturday 18th   September   2010:       14:00 Р17:30
Registration from 13:00 – 13:50

Sunday   19th   September   2010        10:00 Р14:00
Registration from 09:00 – 09:50

This seminar is open to all Tomiki Aikido Students. The cost of the Seminar will be ‚ā¨30 for the two days or ‚ā¨15 for one day. You can pay on the day. Unfortunately, these costs cannot be any less due to the cost of the venue.

If you would like any more information, please contact Keith at 00353857296643, k_mc_clean@hotmail.com or use our contacts page at www.tallaghttomikiaikidoryu.webs.com.

We hope to hear from you soon.


The sad passing of an Aikido Great

Senta Yamada SenseiIt is with sadness that I report that Senta Yamada Sensei passed yesterday the 8th August at 5pm. Yamada sensei has made many contributions to the development of Aikido and will be deeply missed by all.

All those wishing to send messages of condolence should send them to:
Tomoko san,
302, 2-37-24, Wakamiya,
Fukuoka City,

There are also proposed plans for a memorial – to learn more please visit the Tomiki Aikido UK facebook group.


South Of The River Seminar – Pictures

The “South Of The River Seminar” has been very successful.
We would like to thank the team from Gowaryu for organising such a great event. We would also like to thank all the students who attended, without your support events such as these would not happen. The coaches for this event were second to none with well thoughtout themes.
Here are some pictures of the events, the entire gallery is available here.